Reflexology is a way of helping the body to activate its own healing powers. Some of the many benefits are stress reduction and deep relaxation, improved circulation and the removal of toxins and impurities through the both the lymphatic system and the excretory organs of the kidneys and skin. It has been shown to balance the body systems, increase energy levels and mental alertness and can strengthen the immune system when used regularly. It is not a medical procedure and does not claim to cure any specific condition.

Reflexology is a relatively recent addition to the therapies used in the western world, however there is evidence of feet being worked on in ancient carvings and drawings especially in Egypt and India.The feet are very sensitive and have up to five thousand nerve endings. The theory behind this popular form of therapy is that the feet are representative of the human body, with specific areas corresponding to the limbs, internal organs, major glands and nerves. By working these areas the nerve pathways are opened up and this stimulates the healing process of the clients own body.

Alongside this process the additional foot massage is generally found to be deeply relaxing with some clients drifting into light sleep during the session. Some people may select Reflexology when they are unable to have a vigorous form of massage, or would prefer a therapy that only requires the feet to be unclothed.