Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a lovely massage that is also very versatile as it can be carried out almost anywhere and is suitable for the majority of people. It is particularly beneficial for upper back and neck tension whilst at the same time offering deep relaxation. The areas massaged include the upper arms, back, shoulders, neck, face and scalp, and the massage takes place whilst the client is seated.

Indian Head Massage was introduced to the West by Narendra Mehta. It was developed from the traditional forms used on men in the barber shop, which tends to be a very vigorous form, and the head massage developed by women over a thousand years ago, which is still used to enhance the skin and hair condition by the use of selected oils.

The techniques are now taught in the West and the treatment is rapidly increasing in popularity as it has physical and psychological benefits. If you have a sedentary job, are studying, spend long hours on the computer or are unsure about a full body massage, why not contact me and discover how Indian Head Massage could benefit you?

See my Indian Head Massage video here.