Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy has been used to both stimulate and soothe the senses for thousands of years, and the extraction of essential oils has enabled the beneficial properties of the various oils to be analysed and tested. The oils can be diluted with carrier oils and applied directly to the skin through massage and they can also used for steam inhalation and by addition to the bath water.

This type of massage therapy is designed to give benefits through the long slow relaxing movements and also by the selection of essential oils that can stimulate the senses and help to improve both mood and physical conditions. During the initial consultation the client is asked not only about their current physical state but also what they would like to achieve from the massage. The oils are then selected to enhance this effect and care is taken to ensure that the oils are both suitable for and pleasing to the client.

  • An Aromatherapy Full Body Massage treatment takes around 75 minutes and includes the hands, feet, arms, legs, the upper chest area, abdomen back, neck, face and scalp.
  • An Aromatherapy Back and Facial Massage treatment takes around 40 minutes and includes the back, upper arms, upper chest area, neck, face and scalp.